Thursday, April 19, 2007

Big News

Jack is going on the potty! We went cold turkey this week and he has done great. Today, he had NO accidents. Told his teachers every time he had to go. So if you see him, tell him congrats.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

On a less serious note..more pictures of the kids

Somehow, the kids have become fascinated with Star Wars. So we bought them the first (4th) one and watched it with them last night. Thoughts? Jack is a little scared of the music and Avery thinks that Han Solo is funny, but not cute.

Jews or Christians?

So we are getting to the point where Avery is starting to ask questions about the differences between Jews and Christians. This is a difficult thing for me to understand, so I can't imagine what it is like for her. She understands that because I am Christian and Dan is Jewish that she is both (although technically, according to the Jews, she isn't Jewish-only Christian, because I am Christian), but she is having trouble what she should "believe". You know, with the Jews thinking that Jesus is a false prophet and all. And the entire Christian doctrine centering around the fact that Jesus actually is/was the son of God. We knew, that even though neither of us is terribly religious, that we would run into this situation at some point, but I think we both thought it was further out. This is making me think that I owe it to the kids to be more involved with a church-I mean they are getting plenty of Jewish education at the JCC during school. Am I doing them a disservice by not being able to teach them more about Christianity? OR, is it a safe bet that by teaching them to be good, respectful, loving children that we are raising kids that both Jews and Christians would be proud of?

3 stripes and you're out

Karate update. Avery got her 3rd stripe on her white belt, which means she is able to test out to get her yellow belt. Her test is this coming Wednesday. I wasn't there, but apparently she has promised Sensei Jonathan that she will clean her room every day. Keep you posted.