Saturday, October 31, 2009

Waste not, want not

This is what my life has become. Its actually sort of what I have wanted for awhile, but I didn't know how to get there. Being on my own and being responsible for me and the kids is a whole new ballgame but I am okay with it. I don't seem to want as much stuff-I don't need it. I had an extra paintbrush that I didn't use to paint the apartment so I returned it to Home Depot and bought curtain rods for the bedrooms. Before I probably would have just hung on to it-I mean who knows when I would repaint a room, right? Don't get me wrong, Jack didn't need the grey hightops I bought him today, but I wanted to buy them to make him happy-not me. I was originally feeling a little lame sitting here by myself on a Saturday night catching up on some of my shows while the world outside was trick or treating...but I am lucky. Its quiet, we had a victory with Jack trick or treating tonight, and both my kids told me they loved me. Life is good.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We have the flu

Well, Avery does. She got sick last Saturday night sort of randomly, but only threw up once and then seemed fine. Monday night it hit her. She stayed home Tuesday, today and we will be keeping her home the rest of the week. Nothing monumental...low grade fever, chills, aches, cough. Poor baby.

Here is a sign of the times. The school nurse called me today to ask how she was and what her symptoms were and then asked if when Ave returned to school, if I could bring her to the office so she could verify that her fever was in fact gone. Its new protocol that the school system is rolling out.

They haven't announced any incidence of H1N1, but I suspect they are trying to keep the mass hysterial under control.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I do not like cold

Admittedly, I don't like really hot either, but I really hate the cold. I am sitting in the apartment right now waiting to go to an appointment and its freezing. I refuse to turn the heat on at least until I get that plastic stuff up on the windows. I tried to do it yesterday but failed miserably. I also don't like not being able to do things for myself. Rats.

Here is my public service announcement for the day. If you are experiencing out of the ordinary symptoms that don't go away, get them checked out. It might be scary, the preparation for the test might be nasty but get things checked out before its too late. Note: I am just about to leave for my 3 year almost colon cancer checkup. 5 years ago I had symptoms that I ignored for awhile and had I waited any longer I would have been in a world of trouble. The test is disgusting (well, really you are asleep, so you don't realize how disgusting...its the prep the night before that is worse) but I promise you that you will live through it. Its also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check your front and pat yourself on the back :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Its quiet in this big old house with no kids here. I am actually distracted by the silence.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's an update on our little world

If you decided to come here to read this because you got an email from me then you know that Dan and I are splitting up. Hardest decision I have ever had to be a part of, but I know it will work out for the best in the end. I have moved into the second floor apartment of my sister Jackie's house in Springfield and am trying to figure out how to live on my own. Here are some things I have learned over the past few weeks:

1. The apartment was so dirty that it took my friend Jen 2 full days to just get the kitchen and bathroom clean. I owe her so very much for that-I don't think there are enough rounds of drinks in the world to repay her. She got sick after helping, and I will always think that it was the chemical fumes that she ingested while trying to clean the stove.

2. I have killed a hornet in the bathroom, cleaned up cat vomit and ventured into the scary basement (sorry, is scary) to do laundry. But I lived.

3. Paint and pretty paintings can do wonders for a tired apartment (and a tired me)

4. I have a sh*tload of books. All kinds of books. And what I have here has been weeded through twice in the past year. I guess buying books is better than buying crack, right?

5. Jackie put flowers on my dining room table last weekend and they were so beautiful that I am going to buy flowers for the apartment every week.

6. Kids can be really mean when they are hurting. But they can also be very brave.

More to come