Thursday, April 24, 2008

Future Farmers of America

Avery and I have been planning all winter to plant a garden. Our yard isn't quite ready yet, but she got some practice planting in Ami Jackie's garden.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The words were still hanging in a bubble over my head...

I was talking with my cousin Karen last Friday and we were comparing Jack and her son Nick, who are practically the same. Except Nick has been to the emergency room a lot and Jack (despite his best efforts) has never been.

On Sunday we all got up like normal and I was rushing Avery around so we could go run errands and Jack started to complain that his neck hurt. He kept holding it and holding his ear. He had fallen off the couch, but lightly, and he has fallen off the couch a million times (oh wait. should I admit that out loud? bad parent alert)...we finally decided he wasn't faking it (he is learning a lot from his sister the drama queen) and called his pediatrician, who suggested we bring him in right away. The doctor didn't think that he had done anything but maybe pull a muscle in his neck, but sent Dan and Jack to Baystate for xrays just to be sure. Thankfully nothing was wrong, but it wasn't so fun for them. So now we have the first hospital trip out of the way.