Sunday, June 24, 2007

My friends Amy and Mike

Have started a business with one of their friends and this is the website. Don't really know how many of you will be in Minnesota and shopping for a boat, but just in case. The website is brand new, so they are still working out the kinks...

I am so stalling right now

I don't want to grade papers. I want to decorate cakes. These are star and swirl flowers. I had to practice for my final level 1 cake class on Tuesday. Impressive, huh?

This is a little late but

On June 10th we went to Dodd Stadium in Mystic, CT for Jack's small family birthday party. For those of you in the area, they do a GREAT job and it isn't any more expensive than any other place to have a party and the best part is that a baseball game is included! Here is what the pictures are...the birthday kids got to go out on the field and their names were announced over the speaker-I took Jack out so you can see one big kid and one little kid. Jack and Avery also got to run the bases after the game-all the kids did-gotta love minor league ball and then just a couple cute pictures of them. We had a great time and the Defenders won!

Dan has Lyme Disease

Don't worry. He'll be fine. Thankfully, Avery saw the giant welt with the even more giant ring around it on Thursday and we went to the doctor and was put on a month of antibiotics. Here are some alarming things about Lyme disease: it affects your nervous system. That can't be good. Sometimes the antibiotics don't work and sometimes the antibiotics can make you really sick. Delightful. Here's the good news (I know some of you are actually wondering this) can't spread the disease. Well unless of course you turn into a deer tick and then bite someone else. I tried to take a picture of the welt so you could all see what it looks like but I waited to long and now it is faded. Apparently he had a textbook welt. The doctor hadn't seen one in awhile and was a little too excited about it.

So he is a little tired and sore, but it sounds like he will live.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

so i have always loved cake

but now i am obsessed with making the perfect one. i have been taking a cake decorating class and i am actually stressing out about frosting consistency and how flat my cakes come out. but i love it. avery and i are decorating one for dan for father's day. i'll take a picture and post it. unless its ugly. then i won't.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A funny story from Jack's three year old mouth...

I was sitting on the couch this morning and he came running into the living room swinging a broom around. I told him that he couldn't swing it around because he could knock something over, hit someone-all the regular parent reasons. He lost it and started to cry. Dan got him calmed down a bit and he walked back over to me and said "mommy are you ready to be a good parent now"? I imagine that I should have punished him but all I could do was laugh.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jack's "friend" birthday party!

Jack turns three this coming Saturday (holy crap) but we had his birthday party for his friends from school to come to last Saturday...we had a perfect day for the kids (and parents) to run around the back yard! Here are some pics...