Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On a more serious note

I am sad about the death of Tim Russert. I wasn't an avid viewer of Meet the Press, but I had seen him involved with many different things, and I always found him to be, well, normal. Sometimes I think that newscasters can be a little uppity, and I never got that impression about him. Plus he seemed to smile a lot-how can that be bad?

PS. I just went to my brother's blog-I usually remember to read it when I post to mine, and he said practically the same thing about Tim Russert. I think that's funny. Just more proof that he and I are twins separated by a few years....his blog can be reached by going to: http://www.imaginarythreedimensionalblackboard.com/

Last day of kindergarten

Avery's last day of kindergarten was today. I can't believe that the whole school year has gone by. I took a picture of her on her first day for this blog, and I've taken a picture on her last day...

Jack as Spiderman

Holy cow, Jack is 4!!

Here are a few pics from his party...good time had by all.